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River Valley Lawmen


Last time around I mentioned I was working on Book Five of the Callahan Brothers series - to include the Deputy's Sweetheart. 

I felt all along Deputy Dolan's story didn't really fit in that series, and asked my readers to help me out. Did they want a fifth book in the Callahan Brothers series, or would they rather a new series called River Valley Lawmen, where the main character would be a law enforcer? 

The result was an overwhelming vote for a new lawmen series. 

The first book features Officer Christian Dolan, who finds himself caught up in the death of a fellow officer.

The second book features Officer Jason Sawyer who's girlfriend mysteriously disappeared six months earlier. Now she's back, and she has a little surprise for him!

I am currently working on book three, which begins with the mysterious disappearance of a hiker.

I had hoped to have this book finished earlier, but I recently had a total knee replacement and was in hospital for three weeks. I've been home for just on three weeks now, and finally starting to feel more normal. Not quite there yet, and still on crutches, but definitely better than before.   

Although there are currently only two books in this series so far, it has already been a resounding success.

Every book in my western romance series are standalone books.  It is not mandatory, but I recommend you start with book one of the Callahan Brothers series - The Cowboy's Sweetheart - as it introduces the main characters, and gives you a feel for the series. (Some characters run across both series.) I'd also like to tell you the majority of my books are 'clean and wholesome' and none have in your face bedroom scenes. They have what I call behind closed doors scenes.  

For those interested, all the books in the series, along with all my other books, are enrolled with Kindle Unlimited. So if you are part of that scheme, you can get both the series free.

To view the entire Callahan Brothers series, go to this Amazon page.

To view the entire River Valley Lawmen series, go to this Amazon page.

I'd also like to remind you that I am now using the Romance-Authors blog and posting there regularly, along with my real-life friend, Author Margaret Tanner. It has been operating for many years, so I'm using that instead of setting up a separate blog (after mine died) and starting from scratch. I hope you'll take the time to visit. Posts are added regularly.

If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my newsletter. There is a sign up form on each page of this site, as well as on the 'newsletter' page.

In case you aren't aware, I am only writing western romance these days (mostly contemporary) but my romantic suspense books are still available to purchase. You can find links to them at the top of this page.

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