Cheryl Wright

Award Winning Australian Author

Cheryl Wright - Award Winning Australian Author

Petition for Medical Cannabis in Australia

This is not writing related, but is very personal and close to my heart.

My eight-year-old grandaughter Tara has Dravet Syndrome. My daughter and her husband made the difficult decision to put her on Medical Cannabis (February 2013) as a last resort, to literally save her life. We were told she had only months, if not weeks, to live.

Until that point, Tara was having 70-200 seizures PER DAY. She had to resusitated many times.

Within days of starting the medical cannabis, she was seizure free, and continues to be seizure free. Without it, she will revert back to the way she was, and we will lose her.

Many other people – children and adults – are also taking medical cannabis, again with amazing results. In Australia, medical cannabis is difficult to get because growing the plants is illegal. Using the tincture (liquid medical cannabis) is not illegal. Totally ridiculous situation.

To ensure Tara and others taking medical cannabis have continued supply, a petition has been created. Australia is way behind other countries, and thousands of people need this miraculous product or they will die.

Please sign the petition if you agree medical cannabis should be available to those who need it, and if you are an Australian citizen.


Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd – Legalise Medical Cannabis, Australia Petition | GoPetition



Don’t Tell, Don’t Die is Now Available


I am very pleased to announce that Don’t Tell, Don’t Die (romantic suspense novel) is now available.

It has been released in both print and kindle formats, and can be found on Amazon.

Here’s a blurb:

Mild-mannered kindergarten teacher Kareena Ellis witnesses a murder. Stalked by the murderer who is intent on killing her, Kareena must flee. Personal trainer Mason Bradshaw is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What is Mason to do? Someone is determined to kill the timid young woman who has stumbled into his protection. Can he protect Kareena from certain death?


To read the first chapter FREE, follow this link to the book page on Amazon.

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To Be or Not To Be?

cheryl-wright-2In my last post I told you about some of my creative pursuits.

I did fail to mention that as a youngster I trained as a singer. I think my training started around the age of seven or eight, when everyone decided I should be singing on “Brian and the Juniors” which was a television talent show way back when.

I auditioned, and was signed up for their training sessions. It was quite a distance from home, but my mother was determined I’d have that opportunity, no matter what.

After a year or so, both my mother and I got sick of the travelling every week. About an hour each way, plus the session times. So she found someone local, which was much better.

As it turned out, the local teacher was a much better option as she had ‘other contacts’ and got me on the stage pretty quickly.

I started off with radio talent shows, and was invited back at least once a month. When she considered I was old enough (twelve I think), she had me performing with her at the local pub – in the Bistro.

This eventually led to a television performance on “Kevin Dennis New Faces” which was another talent show.

My teacher played piano for a dance studio, and was able to wrangle free dance lessons for me. It was only short-term, because she wanted to expand my performances to include some choreographed dancing as well.

I continued with the singing and dancing until my late teens, when my teacher moved interstate. I continued performing for a while, mostly to elderly citizen and other community groups.

Although I didn’t continue down that path, I did learn to play piano (a little) and guitar (a lot).

Music is still a bit part of my life, but more than anything, this creative journey set me up for the public speaking I would do in later years.

My most recent public speaking event was at Sisters in Crime in Melbourne, along with Helene Young and Bronwyn Parry – who are also romantic suspense authors.

Thanks for visiting, it’s appreciated.





More About Me

cheryl-wright-2Today I thought I’d tell you a little more about me.

I have always been a very creative person. When I was about nine, I began to copy other people’s drawings or photographs.  The likeness was so close, and most of the time I surprised myself.

I continued to draw until my teenage years, and even now, I’m not sure what pulled me away from drawing. (My 14 year old grandson is currently going along the same path – copying pictures he sees, getting them very close to the original!)

As a teenager, I began to play guitar. I’ve done that for many years now, but don’t have the time to spend on practising like I used to. More’s the pity.

Most of my spare time these days is spend on making cards.  My most favourite type of card to make is Shabby Chic, which is meant to replicate the beautiful soft style of furnishings from years gone by.

Soft pinks, blues, and neutrals are the main colours used, with lots of lace, ribbon, flowers, and pearls.

Here’s a Shabby Chic card I made just a few days ago.


This card is a sympathy card, but with a different sentiment, it could be used for just about anything.

I love the softness of this card.

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