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Callahan Brothers Series

Contemporary Western Romance




Spin-off Series "River Valley Lawmen" Now Available. 


Book One

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 Western Romance 

A relationship is the last thing on Rory Callahan’s mind when he pays one of his rare visits into River Valley, Montana. By the end of the night, his entire life has changed.

Missy O’Reilly is a singer with a dark secret that could cost her life. She does her gigs in small town after small town. Always on the run, never staying in one place for long. What will she do when she meets her soul mate, Rory? Dare she stay in River Valley? 


Book Two

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Western Romance novella 

A dark secret has Grace Black leaving a successful bull riding career to visit her best friend at River Valley, Montana.  

Jordon Callahan is a veterinarian who lives for his work. After being dumped on his wedding day, he vows never to let a woman get close enough to hurt him again.

Can they overcome Grace’s secret and his sense of betrayal to find happiness together? 


Book Three

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Western Romance Sheriff novella

After meeting Isabella O’Reilly at his brother’s wedding, Sheriff Chase Callahan is smitten. With his wife’s tragic death still on his mind, even after all these years, dare he risk falling in love again? 

Isabella could have stayed in Chase’s arms forever, but work commitments forced her to leave him. Caught up in a dangerous situation, will Isabella be able to escape and reconcile with Chase? Or will they be torn apart for eternity? 



Book Four

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Callahan Brothers Western Series 


Reclusive rancher Kody Callahan is injured and taken to hospital. He meets an intriguing young doctor and much to his surprise is immediately smitten. 


Molly Simpson has a secret she dare not reveal. Falling for Kody is the last thing she wants or needs. 


Will she follow her heart, and risk everything for love, or will she walk away from the one person she knows to be her true soulmate?  


Book Five

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Callahan Brothers Book Five


After her parents are killed, eighteen-year-old Bessie is sold by her ruthless uncle to a saloon owner. 


Tricked into believing she is there to sing, she is horrified to learn it is not her voice she is selling, but her body. As a soiled dove she is so desperate to escape, she risks fleeing with Thomas, one of her clients.


Is he as kind as he seems? Does he love her like he says, or has she jumped from one dire situation into another?


*This is the beginning. Bessie is the story of the Callahan Brothers Great-Great Grandmother.


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 Spin-off Series "River Valley Lawmen" Now Available. 


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