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Soiled Doves Series

Welcome to the page for the exciting new Historical Western Series – The Soiled Doves.

Multi-Award Winning and Best Selling Authors, Susan Horsnell, Margaret Tanner, and Cheryl Wright have banded together to bring you these books which are all stand-alone and have a happy ever after ending.

Listed below are Cheryl's books in the series. (More will be added as they come available.)


Bessie - Book Eight

(Set in Montana 1880)

Bessie - the Soiled Doves Series

After her parents are killed, eighteen-year-old Bessie is sold by her ruthless uncle to a saloon owner. 


Tricked into believing she is there to sing, she is horrified to learn it is not her voice she is selling, but her body. As a soiled dove she is so desperate to escape, she risks fleeing with Thomas, one of her clients.


Is he as kind as he seems? Does he love her like he says, or has she jumped from one dire situation into another?


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Hudson Falls, Montana, 1880. 

Bessie Williams paced the room waiting to be called.  

She glanced at her dress for the umpteenth time, ensuring it was not ruffled, and was appropriate for the occasion.  

She had traveled to Hudson Falls, Montana by stage coach for many long days with the promise of an ongoing position.  

She braced herself for what was ahead.  

Entertaining was not her idea of the perfect position for a young lady, but in desperate times, choices were few.  

She took one last look in the full-length mirror.  

Her pale blue dress was a little dated, but it was respectful and appropriate. The square shaped collar was edged with handmade lace, and the bodice came in at the waist where it ruffled out and had layers of blue cotton alternated with wide lace.  

Bessie sighed. What was she doing here?   

Just a few weeks ago she was at a deportment school for young ladies. At the tender age of eighteen, she should be learning to be a wife, not singing for her livelihood.  

Who could have predicted her parents would both be killed in a stage coach accident, and leave her destitute?  

She straightened her shoulders and braced herself for the difficult task ahead.  

* * * 



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