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Matthew’s Redemption

(Winning His Devotion, Book One)

The Railway Detective shields his passengers from disaster, but can he safeguard his heart?


Railway Detective Matthew Horton prefers to keep to himself. Working long hours to protect their high-class passengers takes a toll on him, and he has no life outside of work. Rumors about his party going and womanizing are untrue. His only vice is being married to his job. When a replacement arrives for a sick colleague, his heart is awakened.

Esther Walters is temporarily transferred to a new train route and has been warned to keep her distance from the womanizing detective. When he hauls her into his office after an incident, she is certain her job is on the line. It doesn’t take long for Esther to realize the rumors are untrue, and there is far more to her new friend than she’s been led to believe.

Can Matthew restore his reputation? When they are forced together, will their relationship become more than mere colleagues?

Matthew’s Redemption is a clean and wholesome historical romantic suspense. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and have you turning the pages until your eyes droop and your kindle falls to the floor.



Best Selling Author

Cheryl Wright

Small Town Romance with a Twist

Cheryl Wright is a multi-award-winning and international best-selling author of over 80 books, who has been published since 2003.

She writes both historical western romance, and historical romantic suspense. Cheryl enjoys the research needed for the historical stories she writes.

Cheryl writes Christian stories without it dominating the story. Her books all come under the clean and wholesome banner. There is absolutely no on-page sex and no profanities – she writes the kind of stories she enjoys reading.

She focuses on relationships and family, as well as friendship. Her books are uplifting, leaving her readers with feelings of hope and happiness. All her books are small town romances, including her mail order bride stories.

Cheryl spent over a decade teaching writing to aspiring writers, and has published several non-fiction books about writing, worked as an editor for publishers, coached writers one-on-one, and has appeared at writer’s conferences in both Australia and New Zealand.

She was brought up around horses – her father’s first job was at a rodeo. He later became a horse breaker. Her family spent a lot of time traveling to rodeos over many years.

She has been married to her own real-life hero for over 48 years. They have two grown children and six grandchildren. Their household would not be complete without their beautiful dog Bindy, who loves long, leisurely walks.

Cheryl’s hobbies are tenpin bowling and papercrafts.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”


~ Maya Angelou

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