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(Runaway Brides of the West)


Releases October 24

A Forced Marriage
A Runaway Bride
And a Man with a Deadly Secret

Forcing his sister to marry was never going to work, and Andrew knew it. With her life in danger, he has little choice but to entice his best friend to marry her, even if it is against her will.

Brandon has admired Violet Southerby from the day they met, but Andrew warned him off. Now her brother needs his help to keep her from harm, but the last thing he wants is for Violet to find out. Brandon is determined keep her safe, but can he keep his distance from the spirited heiress?

When the danger is over, will they resolve their differences and find happiness together? Or will Violet never forgive him, and demand an annulment?

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Mary Stanton is impoverished and barely surviving. Noah Adams must to marry within four weeks or lose everything. Can these two strangers turn a marriage of convenience into a love match?

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When Abigail arrives with an unexpected child, will Seth reject her? Or despite the difficult situation, can these two strangers make their proxy marriage work?

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To save herself from being forced to marry an evil but wealthy man, Clarissa secretly becomes a proxy bride. When she turns up unannounced, Jacob starts to regret his hasty decision to marry her. 

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Will Chance fill his empty heart with a proxy bride, or will he find love closer to home?

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When Floyd Adams, foreman on the Broken Arrow Ranch, sends away for a proxy bride, he has no idea of the chaos that will follow.

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When Karl Adams discovered his brother had arranged a proxy marriage for him Karl was furious. He was ready to send the fiery redhead back to where she came from the moment she set foot in Halliwell.

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