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Happiness for the Rancher
(Book Four, Small Town Matchmaker)

She’s on the run, and he’s a lonely widower. Should he risk his family to take her in?

When lowly clerk Harriet Vogel is offered a promotion assisting the bank manager, she jumps at the opportunity. Little does she know it may be a death sentence.

Rancher and widowed father of two young children, James Owen is on a rare visit to Crystal Springs. He is inexplicitly drawn to the young woman struggling to alight from the stage coach, and naturally, he assists her. He quickly falls for the mystery woman.

With a killer on her trail, is it a move he will live to regret? If he convinces her to stay, will they ever find their happy ever after, or will she be forever on the run?


Happiness for the Rancher is a clean and wholesome historical romantic suspense. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and have you turning the pages until your eyes droop and your kindle falls to the floor.


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Cornered and assaulted, Beatrice Gaffney couldn’t take it anymore, and fought back with deadly consequences.

Beatrice Gaffney had been accosted one too many times, and had reached her limit. This time she fought back, but instead of disabling her assailant, she killed him. There would be dire consequences for her actions, but she wasn’t hanging around to find out what they might be.

Tyler Harris reluctantly sent for a mail-order bride. Being hounded by his mother to produce heirs had become tiresome. He expected a carefree wife who would cook and clean and relieve his mother of that burden. What he didn’t expect was a beautiful, haunted woman who jumped at her own shadow.

It was clear to Tyler, Beatrice was hiding a deep, dark secret. When the shocking truth was finally revealed, he reeled in disbelief.

Will she clear her name, or will their happy ever after, forever elude them?

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Has Mabel jumped from one desperate situation to another? Will she ever find happiness, or is she destined to a life of misery?

Witnessing a cold-blooded murder, Mabel McArthur must escape town or risk the dire consequences. 

While aimlessly riding the train to nowhere in particular, she stumbles upon an advertisement to become a mail-order bride. It could be her only option for freedom.

Arriving at her destination, Mabel finds herself amidst yet another tragedy, and later discovers a secret that will change her life forever.

Earl Carpenter has no intention of getting hitched. But when his brother’s mail-order bride arrives without notice, he feels obligated to marry her.

Can this mismatched pair ever hope to find happiness together?

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Mary Stanton is impoverished and barely surviving. Noah Adams must to marry within four weeks or lose everything. Can these two strangers turn a marriage of convenience into a love match?

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When Abigail arrives with an unexpected child, will Seth reject her? Or despite the difficult situation, can these two strangers make their proxy marriage work?

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To save herself from being forced to marry an evil but wealthy man, Clarissa secretly becomes a proxy bride. When she turns up unannounced, Jacob starts to regret his hasty decision to marry her. 

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Will Chance fill his empty heart with a proxy bride, or will he find love closer to home?

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When Floyd Adams, foreman on the Broken Arrow Ranch, sends away for a proxy bride, he has no idea of the chaos that will follow.

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When Karl Adams discovered his brother had arranged a proxy marriage for him Karl was furious. He was ready to send the fiery redhead back to where she came from the moment she set foot in Halliwell.

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